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Home from the Sea - Mercedes Lackey This was only...ok. The absolute most enjoyable moment of the book was the homage to Amelia Peabody (by [a:Elizabeth Peters|16549|Elizabeth Peters|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1232144920p2/16549.jpg] ).
I really wanted to like to like Nan & Sarah, but I found their passages so boring & tiring. Not just the flashbacks (which were badly incorporated), but also the interactions with Puck. Initially, I really enjoyed Mari & the gumption with which she faced her fate, but everything just piled up against it. The villains were obvious -- I know these are fairytale based, but the policeman was excessive. Plus, her love interest could have really used more character development; in the end he was just as uninteresting/uninvolved as any of her other suitors. Typically, this series has both well-developed male & female characters.