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White as Snow - Tanith Lee, Terri Windling This was one of the most miserable books I've ever read. Yes, lots of sex (as I was expecting, since it's marketed as an adult fairy tale), but it was all impersonal and detached. Lots of rape, lots of women being used. However, the women hardly ever reacted, and when they did seem to actively participate--the author then skipped over it. Smutty romance novel this was not. It seemed more about abuse and misery. Even having read Game of Thrones, this book has a striking lack of empathy or--any--emotion.

I sped over the last half, after reading enough to realize I wasn't relating to the characters (who were also written as detached and uncaring as the rest). Even the other aspects of the story (the Snow White and Persephone & Demeter influences) weren't even decent or interesting. I didn't feel those elements even stood up to the strength of the original myths.