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The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling Read it if you enjoy a soap-opera-style telling of a town from multiple perspectives...and if you want to see JK practice her prose.

I think she was just REALLY excited about not having to write another Harry Potter, because this is very much the opposite of that. There were way too many points-of-view, a number of which contributed very little to the story, other then demonstrating that JK can craft an inhabited, believable world. Pagford feels very real, and it's inhabitants are people I recognize, but that doesn't mean they create a fascinating plot.

I'm still not entirely sure what the story's intention was.... It kind of dances around a class war of sorts, differing politics, etc, but what seemed the promised climax passed without incidence, and the actual climax? A bit unexpected, but entirely depressing, and it's impact upon the town in the end is absolute zilch.

I'd give two and half stars...I did like the changing POVs to a point but, overall, the narrative could been tightened up and the finale made stronger.